Who we are

Volt Capital Energy Investments promotes Private Equity investments in Solar Energy in Central America and the Caribbean.

Volt Capital Energy Investments contributes to de Social and Economic development of the region.

BrilloSolar is part of Volt Capital Energy Investments a Holding Company established in Madrid, Spain. It initiates investments in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, Guayana and El Salvador.

Brillo Solar Energía Inteligente

The Team

Javier J. Rengel: CEO
Antonio Pombo: Chief Engineer
Pedro Rojas: Head Engineering Operator
Risk One Consulting: Financial Advisors
Orlando López: Chief Commercial Operations.

BrilloSolar develops and operates solar installations to generate and sell energy either to the private or public sector.

Brillo Solar Energía Inteligente

Solar energy is one of the most effective weapons against poverty